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Juddson Ishoda

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Guegeegue is not a big community, consider to be the most peaceful and controled community wihtin the vicinity of Kwajalein Atoll.  Although these community is very small they have been living without police protection because of the low crime and are very rarely seen on this community, they are still under the laws of the RMI and the KALGov't.  
The commuity do elected their very own officer's that serve this small community, one of the landowner ( Alap Kiaki Jatios) is also part taking in the council of this community. Every year the community get together and elected their officers. These officer are there to organize the community in many activities and other functions that is required of them from the Kwajalein leadership or from the Iroj and Alap. 
Guegeegue is connected to Ebeye by a causeway that was build in the late 80's and is still not been 100 % complete, however these people that lives here are still managing to get to Ebeye and back. The two high school that are on Guegeegue are also traveling thru the unfinished causeway.  The roads sometimes get worst when the sea surf is high and especially when the wind from the northeast are very strong during hightest tides.  With all the debris and rocks that washes onto the causeway people who lived here still go to work despite the road conditiion.
Guegeegue is pretty much a get away for many people from Ebeye, here you'll find a place suitable to spend the weekend under a tree and enjoy the wind, or just bring all the family member for a weekend picnic.   Most of the picnic areas here are equip with bar-b-q grill and has a lot of space for the whole family to play such sports as volleyball and other sports. 

By Wesley D. Lemari